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Trust Talent Time

Unsung Hero

While many people will be talking about Wells and his record today, the best player on offense will likely get no press (well apart from us obviously). Since moving to Arizona Daryn Colledge (+6.7) hasn’t had the easiest of times but perhaps this was his break-out game. Back in 2008 we saw him as one of the best young guards in the league but for whatever reason, after the Packers disastrous use of him as a left tackle early in 2009, he’s seemed little more than a journeyman player. Here though, he looked backed to his 2008 best, giving up nothing in pass protection and making a very good player in James Laurinaitis (-4.4) look particularly poor. For those who are thinking he did most of that damage at the second level, you’d be wrong. Nearly everything the Cardinals did was focused on getting him pulling either right, where he would usually then come up against Laurinaitis or left where he would get the better of ex-teammate Brady Poppinga (-3.5). For example at 7:10 left in the third Wells picks up seven yards behind his block as Poppinga ends up on the ground.

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