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Trust Talent Time


Jeff has been creating new and unique ways to market and promote his players throughout his career as demonstrated through the following:

  • Post Card – In 2004, Jeff signed one of the top rated quarterbacks, Arizona State’s Andrew Walter.  Andrew’s family lived in Arizona and he was a four-year starter. He wanted to make his home there, so I suggested sending a post card thanking the ASU season ticket holders for the purpose of permanently endearing himself within his community.
  • Dennis Dixon – Utilized what was a website for the purpose of his Heisman campaign and following his season ending injury, converted it for the purpose of updating the NFL on his rehabilitation. The idea was featured in Sports Illustrated and described as innovative.
  • Bassett Furniture – Sperbeck created an eight-year licensing relationship between John Elway and Bassett Furniture, where Bassett has created an Elway Home Entertainment line of furniture sold nationally throughout Bassett Furniture Direct stores and arriving in Costco beginning in the Fall of 2010.  Elway may be the only athlete ever with his own furniture line.