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Flintridge Prep Rebel Retires His Jersey

In a morning ceremony for the whole school, Flintridge Prep alumnus Ramses Barden’s #11 football jersey was officially retired.

During the ceremony, Athletic Director Alex Rivera, football coach Glen Beattie, Coach Antonio Harrison ’01, and Headmaster Peter Bachmann shared memories about Barden’s record-breaking skills on the football field and basketball court, also mentioning his triumphs in volleyball and track and field.

Everyone present also discussed Barden’s character. Ramses was basketball coach was Garrett Ohara’s ’86 wife’s favorite basketball player because he always made an effort to greet her and ask how she was doing. Bachmann remembered lots of road trips with Barden when his son, Rob Bachmann ’03 was on the basketball team with Barden.

After presenting Barden’s staggering record, Beattie said, “Coach Harrison is going to present this #11 jersey to Ramses, not just because he is a great player, but because he is a greater person. We are going to keep his home jersey and display it because this will always be Ramses’ home, a place where he will always be welcomed back.”

When Barden took the podium, he was visibly humbled, thanking the crowd and saying, “No matter where I go, I’ll always be a Rebel.” Barden also took a moment to acknowledge Tom Fry, a beloved coach who passed away in 2009, as an inspiration to the whole football program.

In an informal after-school Q and A, Barden spoke to students of all ages about what it takes to perform at such a high athletic level. Asked how he raised his athletic performance when he joined the NFL, Barden quickly compared the process to adjusting academically.

“I was at the top of my class in elementary school. In seventh grade, I realized I needed to do more to keep up,” he said. “The bar is always being raised, so you have to adjust.” That may mean working harder, practicing more, and taking advantage of every opportunity. Barden said, “If you can do it well once, you can do it again even better.”

Several alumni and former coaches were on hand for this special ceremony, including TC Scotton, who played running back on the same CIF winning team as Ramses. Scotton went on to MIT and is now in his first year of medical school at USC. Scotton talked about going to morning workouts every day.

“We didn’t have to do it, but Ramses and I always did,” suggesting that that extra time and strength training is what gives athletes the edge they need to truly succeed.