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Five things you should know: Billy Winn’s emergence, Brandon Marshall’s perfectionism, and more


In two months, defensive end Billy Winn has gone from emergency camp pickup to playing a key rotational role up front for one of the league’s best defenses. Last Sunday, he helped solidify the run defense, providing a disruptive push through Cincinnati’s offensive line that helped prevent the Bengals from repeating their dominant series of runs from their first possession.

“I think I’m playing well — not necessarily making a ton of plays, but I’m doing my responsibility, I’ve accepted my role, and I’m just trying to play great team defense.”

Earning a role with the Broncos provided a sweet cap to what had been a sour offseason that saw him linger in uncertainty while recovering from January shoulder surgery.

“It was definitely a tough offseason, going from not doing anything for six months, and then coming out here and coming straight into the elevation, it was tough for sure,’ he said. “But having these guys by my side — Jared [Crick], Derek [Wolfe] and those guys, they’re constantly pushing me, and it’s been a fun experience. They’ve made me a better player.”

So has Defensive Line Coach Bill Kollar.

“Oh, man, it’s night and day,” Winn said when asked how much Kollar had helped him. “Coming in, I knew he was here, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about him. But I got to experience him first-hand when I got here — all the yelling.

“Outsiders looking in think that he just screams and yells, but, no. It’s constructive criticism. He has high expectations for you. He just wants you to play great.”

And so far, he’s getting the best out of Winn.



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