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Dreessen produces big catch in win over Falcons

Ask just about any Texan who the most underrated player on the team is and his response will be tight end Joel Dreessen.

Dreessen could start for a lot of NFL teams. Because coach Gary Kubiak likes to utilize two tight ends a lot, Dreessen gets a lot of playing time. He also excels on special teams, too.

Dreessen has a tremendous touchdown-to-catch ratio. He has five touchdowns on 16 receptions.

In the 17-10 victory over Atlanta, Dreessen had one catch for 3 yards, but it provided rookie T.J. Yates with his first touchdown pass.

On third-and-goal from the 3, Yates threw a hard pass over the middle to Dreessen, who caught it at the goal line between two Falcons and managed to hang on for the touchdown.

“T.J. and I have been working on that play every Friday after practice,” Dreessen said. “It was just like practice. I read the coverage. If the linebackers get a little depth, then I just turn, and the ball’s there. He put it on me quick. It was a great throw.”

And a great catch, too.

“I can’t tell you how impressed I was with T.J.,” Dreessen said. “He was so calm and so poised. And the most impressive thing about him today: The fact that he remembered the game plan so well and got it right in the huddle without one mistake. That’s not easy to do, especially with a rookie in his first start.”