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Danny Shelton celebrates Samoan heritage with draft night attire

Danny Shelton is one of the safest best in the 2015 NFL Draft, a powerful defensive tackle out of Washington. While almost every elite player invited to a professional sports draft chooses to wear some derivation of Western business attire, Shelton opted to dress in traditional Samoan garb.

He’s wearing a lava-lava — the skirt-like sarong around his lower body — and an ula fala — his necklace, made from the fruit of the pandanus tree, typically worn by chiefs for important events. He had also worn a lava-lava at the Senior Bowl media night.

“I want to be all about my culture and represent,” he said. “Back in the day this is what they wore at home and at work.”

Shelton’s mother is Samoan and he lived in Samoa with his grandparents until he was three.

Shelton coupled the look with a multicolored vest and a bowtie. The NFL Draft is a night for athletes to celebrate themselves. It’s awesome that Shelton chose to honor his background instead of falling in line with the rest of the suits.