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Trust Talent Time




LaMichael James

“I picked Jeff because he is a remarkable agent with great connections and ties in the industry. He is always there to take care of me with anything I need.”



Joey Porter

“I’ve been with Jeff for my entire career. How would I describe our relationship? One Word…Trust. Enough said.”


John Elway

“For 20 years Jeff’s been my friend, business manager, and confidant. We’ve made a lot of money together, but just as important, we’ve had a lot of fun doing it. Having been up close for so many years, I see first-hand the way he cares about his clients.”



Ronnie Lott

“We started together over 23 years ago. I was his first client and we started a company together. He’s the Godfather of my daughter and I’m the Godfather of his son.  He’s the person I trust to manage my business affairs.”


Daryn Colledge

“My wife Megan and I interviewed many prominent agents. We’re so happy we made the choice we did. From day one Jeff has kept us informed about everything.  Jeff is family to us.”




Active NFL Players


Coaching/Retired Clients