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Trust Talent Time

Browns say Danny Shelton looks great in pads, so who cares how he looks in shorts?

2015 NFL Scouting Combine

If all you knew about Browns rookie defensive lineman Danny Shelton was what you saw at the Scouting Combine, you’d think he was fat and slow. Shelton weighed in at 340 pounds and ran a 5.66-second 40, one of the worst times in the history of the Combine.

But Shelton was a first-team All-American at Washington, and after getting a look at him on the practice field in Cleveland, Browns defensive line coach Anthony Weaver says that star player at Washington is the guy the Browns are seeing.

He plays the game with a type of energy that you can’t fake,” Weaver said, via ESPN. “He’s full speed. You see his size. You saw his 40 numbers at the combine. But he doesn’t play to that. He’s a guy who plays every snap like it’s his last play, and guys that play like that aren’t easy to come by.”

Weaver says Shelton is in good football shape, so who cares if he’s in Combine shape?

“Again, what I’d tell you is put on the tape,” Weaver said. “I’m not coaching track stars. I’m coaching football players. There’s a lot of guys who run a 4.8, but when you put the tape on they don’t play to that 4.8. He plays a lot faster than that 40 time.”

If Shelton plays the way the Browns are expecting him to, it may be time to dismiss the 40 entirely as a tool to measure defensive tackles.